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מאמרים בעברית
Rich-Rach Temba at the Slovenian Specialty
Temba - daughter of Yofi and Raja living in Italy entered the Slovenian Club Specialty. Neither Temba or her beloved owner Alexandra never been to a dog show. With 9 bitchs in open class, many of them already champions. Alexandra and Temba

Croatian Club Specialty
Oct 3rd Chetz won also EX1 - class winner at the Croatian club specialty and became a new Croatian Champion. She is now Isr. Ch., Slovenian Ch., Croatian Ch., Club Winner 09, Europian winner 10

Europian Tour October 2010 - Euro Winner 2010
At the FCI EDS (European Dog Show) held in Celje Slovenia Oct 1st - her first show ever outside Israel, Chetz won Euro Winner2010 and BOS ! we are very proud of our little girl.

TLV Show
Good luck to all our friends who will participate at the Tel-Aviv International show May 8th

Well done Negev Ridges
Our friends from Negev Ridges took the double at the club show March 16th. Ch. Red took the BOB and his daughter Olivia Negev Ridges took BOS from Junior class. Well done.


            Our dogs :  Chetz    
  Name: Chetz Rich-Rach Amnon Berezin

Date of birth: 8.7.2007

Breeder: Amnon Berezin - Israel

Titles: Isr. Ch.

Weight:  : 32 kg

Size: 62 cm
Dentation: complete scissors bite


Chetz is a third generation Rich-Rach. Her grandmother is Fili and her mother is Rich-Rach Bandu, from my 2nd litter. Her father is Isr. Ch. & Club Ch. 2004, 2005, 2006 Vizara Juba (Guy) who plays an important role at my breeding plan at the 3rd generation.

Chetz was born in a Moshav (a village) at the south of Israel, where the Berezins – Karin, Amnon and 4 kids – are sharing their life with 2 Arabian Horses, a Tennessee Walker, Marry the Donkey, Bandu and Og the Ridgebacks.

Chetz is a real sweetie, she joined our home at 2 the age of months and immediately became the heart and the soul of the house. Chetz brings out the best from Yofi, they are making a great couple together. Two beautiful girls, different in temperament – Yofi so strong and Alfa and Chetz find her way to get things done for her by just being sweetie and asking in a way no one can refuse…

Chetz is a medium size bitch, light color, with good length of body, very good back angulation and a head and expression that no one can resist. She became an Israeli Champion in no time – getting all her CACs from Intermediate class. At her first International Show she won BOB and 2nd BIG.

Chetz started practicing agility and she likes it a lot. 

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