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מאמרים בעברית
Rich-Rach Temba at the Slovenian Specialty
Temba - daughter of Yofi and Raja living in Italy entered the Slovenian Club Specialty. Neither Temba or her beloved owner Alexandra never been to a dog show. With 9 bitchs in open class, many of them already champions. Alexandra and Temba

Croatian Club Specialty
Oct 3rd Chetz won also EX1 - class winner at the Croatian club specialty and became a new Croatian Champion. She is now Isr. Ch., Slovenian Ch., Croatian Ch., Club Winner 09, Europian winner 10

Europian Tour October 2010 - Euro Winner 2010
At the FCI EDS (European Dog Show) held in Celje Slovenia Oct 1st - her first show ever outside Israel, Chetz won Euro Winner2010 and BOS ! we are very proud of our little girl.

TLV Show
Good luck to all our friends who will participate at the Tel-Aviv International show May 8th

Well done Negev Ridges
Our friends from Negev Ridges took the double at the club show March 16th. Ch. Red took the BOB and his daughter Olivia Negev Ridges took BOS from Junior class. Well done.


            Our dogs :  Bar    
  Name: Gabon-Bar Beni's Ridges

Date of birth: 14.10.1992 -17.11.2003

Breeder: Kisler, Israel

Titles: Isr. & Int. Ch.

Weight:  45 kg

Size: 70 cm
Dentation: full scissor bite


Bar was the first Ridgeback that shared his life with me. Bar was a special dog, that left his mark on the hart of anyone who met him.
Bar was a big dog, with huge charisma and golden hart.
I took Bar as a 3 month old pup, weak and suffering from unexplained motorical problems. I took him for a while "till he will get better". I kept him till he was 9 months old, I had no intention to keep a male, I was busy looking for my first "perfect" bitch puppy. So I found him a great home, where he stayed for 9 months, but Bar refused to separate from me. He just refused to keep on without me and after 9 months I had no choice then to take him back. Bar tough me that any one, even a dog, can influence his own fate, if his just want it enough. Bar chose to share his life with me.
Bar had impressive physical abilities, he never got tiered and no barrier could stop him. When he wanted to get somewhere (normally that will be – to be with me) he would jump from a second floor window, climb 3 meter high fence or brake a shutter.
Toward children, pups, bitchs, kittens and people – he was a softy; grown up male dogs he didn't like.
Bar lived with me when I worked for the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel, so he did travel with me all along the country, and everywhere he was a wonderful ambassador for his breed.
Bar had a very special blood lines combination: his mother was a South African import, from Laurie Venter's breeding (Isr. Ch. Lionhill Lamola( and his father was the Dutch Multi Ch. Vumba, also a son of South African bitch from Laurie Venter Glenaholm bitch. I'm proud that Bar was a son of such a great dog as Vumba.
Bar was affected by Herlichia (tick fiver), he managed to get over it but few years latter, at the age of 11, as a result of side effect of the treatment he got few years before, Bar passed away. He will always remain my beloved soul mate and dear companion.

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