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מאמרים בעברית
Rich-Rach Temba at the Slovenian Specialty
Temba - daughter of Yofi and Raja living in Italy entered the Slovenian Club Specialty. Neither Temba or her beloved owner Alexandra never been to a dog show. With 9 bitchs in open class, many of them already champions. Alexandra and Temba

Croatian Club Specialty
Oct 3rd Chetz won also EX1 - class winner at the Croatian club specialty and became a new Croatian Champion. She is now Isr. Ch., Slovenian Ch., Croatian Ch., Club Winner 09, Europian winner 10

Europian Tour October 2010 - Euro Winner 2010
At the FCI EDS (European Dog Show) held in Celje Slovenia Oct 1st - her first show ever outside Israel, Chetz won Euro Winner2010 and BOS ! we are very proud of our little girl.

TLV Show
Good luck to all our friends who will participate at the Tel-Aviv International show May 8th

Well done Negev Ridges
Our friends from Negev Ridges took the double at the club show March 16th. Ch. Red took the BOB and his daughter Olivia Negev Ridges took BOS from Junior class. Well done.

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Rhodesian Ridgebacks in Israel

Before registrations: 1960s to 1980s

We were lucky to have our breeding started with stock from Africa.
As far as we know the first imports arrived to Israel from South Africa at the end of the 60s. Ridgebacks from Africa kept arriving to Israel on a regular base, with people who were travling from Israel to Africa and back.

During the1970s and early 1980s there were many imports, mainly from South African kennels such Glenaholm, Shirory’s, Rockridge, Rekaylahn. Most of those dogs were never registered in the I.K.C. (Israel Kennel Club – member of the F.C.I.) Stud Book.

The first breeders – 1980s
1980 was the turning point. During this year Israel's two foundation kennels registered their imported dogs and just after that registered their first litters from those newly-registered dogs.

The first kennel was Simba – of Mr. Uri Libermann. During the 1970s Uri had lived in Africa, representing ZIM, the Israeli national sea shipping company. Uri's hobby was hunting and that was how he came to know and love the Ridgebacks. Returning to Israel Uri brought with him 4 Ridgebacks he choose very carefully from the best kennels of those days:
Is. Ch. Glenaholm Isimatumatu (D) – (Komkhulu Isihlobo x Ch. Gaya of Glenaholm) – the first Ridgeback to gain the Israel Champion title.
Glenaholm Habiya (B), Glenaholm Kate (B), Mapani’s Sabi (B).
Between 1980-1983 he had 6 litters at the Simba kennel. Among the pups were Is. Ch. Sika Simba (D) - the first Israeli born Ridgeback to became an Israeli champion. Sika, and his father Isimatumatu, also competed in obedience at high level. The Simba kennel also exported to France and the dog Otis Simba was used at Mr. Servant’s kennel there in the early 1980s.

Beit Nov
The other foundation kennel was Beit-Nov of the Degani family from the Golan-Heights. This kennel was based on a pair, imported from Holland:
Boeti Lion Hunters (D) from South African lines (son of S.A. imports Dutch Ch. W76 Avondson Topper) & Adoemah v. die Pronkhonde (B) from British (Janak) lines. The Deganis registered only 2 of their litters (1981&1983). The importance of this kennel is that its progeny became foundation stock for two major kennel of the 1980s and mid-1990s:

The most important one was Ridgebar of Mr. Haim Bar, also a farmer from the Golan Heights. This kennel had 6 litters between 1984-1993. Ridgebar's most famous dog was World Ch.87 Simbo Ridgebar, who won in 1987 the group at the F.C.I. World-Show in Tel-Aviv. As far as we know he is the only Ridgeback to win BIG at any F.C.I. World-Show!.

Eli Rhosh Pina
The other kennel based on Beit-Nov was Eli Rhosh Pina of Mr. Eli Sloves, located at one of the most beautiful sites of the Galilee, next to the sea of Galilee. This kennel had 5 litters between 1985-1994. He btred Is. Ch. Inyanga Eli Rhose Pina (B) and owned and used Rekaylahn Umkhonto an imported dog from South Africa.

The consolidation – 1990s
If the 1980s were characterized by the registration of the first imports, kennels and litters, the 90s saw the establishement of an independent club (1994) and of kennels that bred some very successful show dogs.

Out of the Ridgebar kennel came the Beit-Luka kennel of Ms. Michal Masad (Weissberg) who lived in a Kibbutz. She was an active breeder at the 90s with 6 litters (1990-1999). Her bitch "Luka" (Roda Ridgebar) can be found at many pedigrees, including 2 females Michal bred, who did very well also outside Israel: Is. Int. Euro. Lux. Ned. Fr. Ch. Athena Beit Luka and Fr. Ch. Kore Chirembo Beni’s Ridges Beit Luka (owned by Vizara kennel, Holland). Chirembo died very young but she will be allways remembered also thanks to her offsprings who were both Crufts BOB winners: Vizara Shemesh of Shabani, Top Ridgeback UK 1998 and 1999, BOB CRUFTS 2000, BOS RR World Congress 2000, Top Stud UK 2000 & 2001; and Vizara Dazi Yardena Europajugendsiegerin 1998, Top Ridgeback FRANCE 1999, FR. CH., ND. CH., LUX. CH., INT. CH., BOB CRUFTS 2001, Amsterdam WINNER 2001

Beni’s Ridges
The most active kennel in Israel at the 90s was Beni’s Ridges of Mr. Benjamin Keisler. This kennel was based on 2 Beit Luka bitchs & 4 imported dogs: Is. Ch. Lionhill Lamola (B) from South Africa; Is. Int. Lux. It. Ch. Johokwe Golo Zeus (D) from Germany, who became the second Ridgeback to win BIG at international show in Israel; Is. Ch. Mushana Mercury (D) from Zimbabwe; and Is. Ch. Jocular Hera (B) from Holland. On the 90s this kennel produced dogs that became champions, both in Israel and Europe and had as many as 24 litters in 8 years (1991-1998).

My own kennel - which commenced breeding in the second part of the 1990s. We compite relativly seldom at shows and breed also seldom - only 8 times till now. (1997-2008). We started our breeding with Israeli stock, a fact that make us very proud. Our first litters were based on the good old Simba and Beit Luka kennels togather with the then new imports from South Africa, Zimbabwe and Germany, to them we added new imports from Africa and America. We exported to Holland, USA Italy and Germany.

You can find much more about us on this web site.

This kennel, founded in 2005 is based on Rich-Rach kennel from Israel and Tina Traiding kennel from Russia. The first Ridgeback of Rima Grindevski, who lives in Kiryat Gat, at Negev, on the south of Israel, is Isr. Ch. Rich-Rach Arik Gawanda. Her first litter, at 2005, with the Multi Ch. Boston (born in USA living in Russia) produst the first Israeli born liver nose ch. – Isr. & Int. Ch. Archi Red, and Isr. Ch. Mona.Since then the kennel add 1 more Russian import and had few more litters.

You can find more about the club in this site.

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